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Originally Posted by Ciana View Post
Her actions in person and what she communicates via computer chatting isn't congruent. She says in online chats that she's crazy happy, very excited, feels so connected.. then says she's scared and that her friends aren't supportive of her dating us.
I don't think these two things are necessarily incongruous - I think perhaps she IS really excited, feels very connected, and is also scared that her friends aren't supportive. My wife and I still haven't come "out" to our friends yet, because we're afraid they won't be able to accept our decision. This is something we're working on, but I certainly understand her fear, and at the same time, her excitement about being in a new relationship.

As to her being shy... Get her drunk. Kiddin'. (not really) But seriously, it's way early on. It'll take time for her to open up.
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