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Originally Posted by SvartSvensk View Post
You do realize, of course... that you're asking a man..... to NOT THINK ABOUT HIS COCK!?

Seriously, you think that's gonna happen? Well, I'll do my best - gonna just enjoy the way things go, and hopefully it'll just sort itself out.
ummmm.......I am a man. Sometimes you just gotta let your cock do the job. Overthinking causes the problems ...

When I first got into nonmonogamy, I came by it with threesomes. I was panicking and worried. What ended up helping me was letting things flow naturally. I stopped thinking about the positions, the orgasms and the step by steps of fucking and went back to the way sex is with just my wife. Once I got rid of the logic and went a little animal, the nervous anxiety went away and I was ready to go. For me sex can't be broken down into cute little pieces of sexual positioning, I am a grab and go kind of guy, the more my brain is engaged, the worse the experience is for me.

Once any part of sex becomes work, the cock stops wanting to play.

Sex with the wife has continued to be phenomenal - if anything, better since I started seeing a new lady. That little twinge of jealousy drives her wild in a good way, I guess.
Gotta love healthy competition
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