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Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
I won`t kid you, the fact your husband is feeling torn, is a good indicator that you will deal with a emotional rollercoaster as growth comes about.

Your best way of handling this, is to do as much research as possible into polyamory. Keep your husband in the loop, and help him grow with you.

Knowledge is power. Have yourself fully equipped before you get to caught up with the new fellow. Curbing yourself a bit now, will be very beneficial for the future.

Good luck.
well researching is how I found this place. It's been a roller coaster with him already... he wants to have his own relationships and he wants me to be able to do what I want... but he feels concern and jealousy.... we are talking and talking and talking... and my non-poly friends think that my talking to him is my trying to convince him and force him to do it my way... but it's not... Had he said "I can't deal with this" I would not do it. I'm glad he's letting me try this.
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