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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
What does your husband think? You said you've spoken to him, but didn't tell us what his opinions are.

I am also married and have a boyfriend. My husband is thirteen and a half years younger than me, and my boyfriend is ten years younger. My husband and I have a six year old daughter.

The relationship with my boyfriend became intimate about three and a half months ago, and has only gotten better over time. We are all great friends and it's been a fantastic experience so far.

So, as far as I can tell, this sort of thing can work out great so long as everyone is open and honest and caring.

Read read read this forum. There are a lot of great stories here and links that will help you get your head around what's going on.
Hi Penny,

thanks for responding.... I'm a tad shy to jump in but I'll keep getting my feet wet here... seems like a nice group of folks..

My husband goes back and forth on how he feels about this...

One minute he's fine with it. The next he's jealous.

AND it's person specific. He was FINE with it as long as it was just sex... he was not happy about an emotional relationship with the new fellow... of course this is the first time in our relationship that I've met someone I wanted to have a relationship with but HUBBY has had numerous flirtations and other dalliances.... I've always encouraged him to go and do and "get her out of your system"... now we are working on finding a flirtation or a "secondary" for him....

He worries about my safety, emotional, mental and physical and he's working hard to trust my judgment with this guy.

I admit to NOT knowing even at my advanced age and experience how to deal with this.

The guy (I call him Mr. Does Not Play Well With Others for various reasons) was all game for some no strings attached sex with me... even after I told him that I need to establish a connection with him first... BUT our texts and emails (we don't talk on the phone yet not sure why)... SKIRT around all sexuality. Every time I try to take it there.. he drags it back to talking about mundane things... so I'm not sure what to think.

My mind starts to spin at the idea of my Darling husband and Mr. DNPWWO both being big parts of my life... they are as opposite as men could possibly be... it's a nice mix.

Mr. DNPWWO and I have not had sex or anything even remotely resembling sex yet... we have very little time to get together and currently plan a meeting shortly after the first of the year... BUT just to get together and spend more time together just the two of us... talking and such... DATING as it were..... NOT what I thought I was signing up for...

That made me realize that I could easily have a serious deep relationship with both of these men... AND that's when I mentioned it to husband.... and we've talked and talked. and he does not want to tell me NO but I think he's just letting me do this but he is not totally thrilled about it...
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