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Yesterday, Kevin (partner) and I had a vigorous hike on a steep trail at about 9,000 feet elevation -- in the mountains above Santa Fe. Often, I have wanted to avoid the steep hikes and the very high elevation hikes, but that hike really did me some good, 'cause it was challenging and quite a cardio-vascular workout. Whew!

I haven't been running in months, and truly haven't gotten back into a routine in years, but I'm going out for a run now. It's a cool, overcast day, a little drizzly now and then, and perfect for a run.

I've cut down (most days) to just one cigarette a day, in the evening. I'm still addicted, of course. But if i work my lungs like this much and get in shape, even the one smoke a day will be too much. I'll also have to cut back on alcohol ... and get back into the sitting meditation routine. Maybe I'll even stop feeling sorry for myself!

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