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Originally Posted by Jodi View Post
but, he also says all men are pigs. i find this sad...bcz, i grew up hearing this from my mother. and my therapist, well when i told her that i discovered that men can have emotions and can write & express themselves...she was like, yes, there are those kind of men out there too.
He is projecting, he is a pig. Not all men are pigs. Sorry for the harshness but blanket statements like this are true displays of ignorance.

it's confusing, how do you weed thru?....this is comign from me, a single female w/ a poly mentality.
Discussion. Talking...and REALLY learning to read between the lines. There are lots of ways to figure it out. Also understanding how different people communicate helps. The pig above, may just have an opposing communication style to yours (for example) making his actions appear pigish, even though he may be introspective.
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