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You know, I probably would do better at keeping this quiet if there wasn't a move involved and if I weren't so proud. People ask if I'm moving for a job or what and it's hard to justify it if I'm just moving from my own house with a hella low mortgage into a communal living situation. As much as I love that arrangement even in the strictly practical sense, would it be worth moving over a thousand miles for? For people who I really didn't want to know, so far, I've said we're moving to be closer to DD's dad, because I'm sick of living alone and I have friends there (which is kinda true), because the winters here suck (which is true, but not a reason worth MOVING for me), and because I need another adventure. I used to move every 4-8 months, for like six years, so it's not that implausible. *sigh* I just hate lying, and this feels like lying.

There's also that pride aspect. I'm proud to be in a relationship with these two wonderful people, and I want folks to know that I don't need help (that's basically not true, everyone needs help, but as a single mom I'm really sensitive to that.)
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