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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Any runners amongst us? Anyone know the advantages of running at a gym or outside? Anyone know a good bra or shoes for that matter? Anyone have any stories of training they would like to share?
I prefer New Balance shoes only because I am able to find a suitable width. Most of the top line shoes are fine. You can really get lost in all of the data; suppination, pronation, high arch, etc., but it is important if you are set on doing some high distance mileage. There is good information on the Runner's World web site that will help you make the right selection. I do need arch support, motion control and a wide width. As far as running in the gym, or on a treadmill for that matter, as opposed to running outside, it's all a matter of what pleases your psyche. I can't imagine anything better than running to the ocean. Where I live we have the Gulf of Mexico and I love to run the beach, smell the air, watch the seagulls and listen to the waves. I was running some pretty high mileage about fifteen years ago and then laid off for a long period. When I returned to running I did not respect the fact that I was really a beginning runner all over again. I was thinking, interval training, and a method for increasing speed and endurance called fartlek, (Swedish for "speed play") and I burned out quick. An excellent book for returning runners as well as for first timers is "Beginning Running". It is helpful in laying out a program that will prevent you from injuring yourself by running to much to fast. I'm guilty of that. Congratulations on returning to the "solitary" sport. It's as good if not better than meditation. As far as the bra.....well I don't have any good sports insight for that one.

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