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Cool just lovely

i just found out in confidence from my close friend & wife of my boyfriend that she is having affair. i mentioned on here b4 that it is a double standard and he wouldn't agree to let her have another lover. little did i know that she already have one.

i had been talking to my boyfriend about his jealousy and how it wasn't fair, blah blah. etc. etc.

i found out this way...this young guy i went on a date with...well, he's 30, young for me. she was answering his text while we were all out partyingat a girls night, local pub. she invited him! anyway, i didn't sleep w/ him and wasn't planning on for a while. i wanted to wait and see if he & i were a good fit.

turns out, she drove him home, bcz he isn't driving right now & with me in car too. so, he started kissing us...i really didn't want to have sex bcz. tbh, i'm not that into him.

but, i wanted to do it for her....bcz her husband won't let her have another man. afterwards, is when she confided in me that she was sleeping w/ someone for over a year!!!

i feel duped. wtf. sigh. i'm still grateful she lends me her hub, but now i know it's not out of total generosity, but..something else, like i suspect, so he is preoccupied. i kind of feel used. but i still get the attention from hub, barely, tho, he's not that "wild", errrr.

thanks for letting me talk. jodi.
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