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Default unicorn found... maybe..

Hi Everyone,

I have a situation to run by you. My husband and I have begun dating a single woman. She is interested in both of us, as we are in her. We met through a website and this is our first attempt at forming a triad. The problem for me is, she is VERY shy. It's been almost 3 weeks and she still trembles if I look at her. It's freaking me out a bit. I'm not shy at all. My husband is, or was.. used to be more shy than he is now, anyway. The thing is.. the shyness keeps her from opening up, sharing her feelings, talking in general. She swears she's doing what she wants to, but I worry. We've done the best we know how to communicate with her. And we told her at the onset, communication is a BIG deal for us. I can't be in a relationship where shutting down anytime you get a little uncomfortable is how you handle things. My husband is more understanding of shyness, but the lack of communication is bothering him, too.

It's way too soon to know if this is the right person for us, but how will we ever know if things can't feel more natural? I try very hard to be a realist, no
"pie in the sky" thinking, but I can't help but wonder... wouldn't the right person for us be able to open up, connect more, etc? Her actions in person and what she communicates via computer chatting isn't congruent. She says in online chats that she's crazy happy, very excited, feels so connected.. then says she's scared and that her friends aren't supportive of her dating us. It's all very confusing to me. I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to push away from something that might be wonderful.. but I can't help but wonder.. how do you know when the other party can't open up?

This post is very confusing.. cuz, that's what I am right now.. very confused!

Thanks for listening
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