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Hmm... I'm scared of being unfaithful and then getting caught. He'd throw everything on the lawn. I used to think he had cheated as I am never able to really know the locations of his side jobs in construction. I doubt he is at the moment. He's always home but definitely clears his internet history. I find it so odd that a grown man never asks for sex. Isnt that weird??

I know he is controlling - mind controlling. When I call him out on it, he blames that I'm too sensitive. I'm more mindful of it now more than ever and it causes fights and tension.

The more I talk about the details, the more I realize I need to get out before it really turns ugly. The man I'm pursuing wont talk to me now. He insists I discover who I want to be before he lets me into his heart again. I dont think he's controlling - I think he doesnt want to be the rebound to spoil what could be a really good thing.
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