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Hi Redpepper -
I think it is somewhat like that. It is all based on fear... fear of loss in some way. Also, the fear that if he knows this is "temporary" then I do not want to invest so much.

The thing is we cannot promise that we will be together forever... For one, It is simply too soon. I can't say that to him either. I do not even know if I want that yet. And really, We are enjoying ourselves. This is something I do not want to run away from - even if it were "temporary". At the moment, anyways.

So, It is a bit irrational... He said that he can promise that he will be honest with me. And that he does want to keep seeing me.

In my marriage I had the promise of "forever". But not the promise of honesty... And the "forever" was a lie.... so I really had nothing. Ironic.

I hate to compare to that horrible relationship, but I can't help it sometimes. As my friend said " if you compare all your future relationships to your marriage, you will ALWAYS sell yourself short, even if they are light-years better." - yes, she was right on. Sad, but true.
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