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I have one immediate thought. Someone who is trying to bury something in themselves, in a position of authority, immediately tries to bury it in others. Its a sad reality. If people would be more honest with themselves it might create less of these types of situations. Its usually easily recognized too.

Beyond that, in a religious environment, you have a lot of outside pressure to control and/or destroy your sexuality. That in and of itself creates a lot of pressure that requires decompression. It doesn't surprise me that this happens, it surprises me it doesn't happen MORE often.

Lastly, he plays innocent, but is he. Did he abuse his power to get the orgies. Or did he really fall into them like it is written. I am automatically suspicious when people in a position of authority play the innocent card. Just doesn't jive with me. While he has non-monogamous tendencies, the abuse potential is there. this will always shine a negative light on non-monogamy. Unfortunately the relationship style isn't at fault, its the people playing around inside of it that are hurting it.
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