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Originally Posted by unusuality View Post
I tried again - DEEP, OPEN convo - and she DID think about it. But now, she's definitely not on board. Along with other serious marital problems, I find myself looking at the door. Due to family histories, I'd rather be honest and happy than married and miserable.
So...that's my story. Any advice? Thx in advance
First piece of advice would be to stabilize your relationship. If there are other problems, you should NOT open up your relationship. This would be unfair to your wife, your potential partner and you in the end.

Having a unicorn to play with will fix your marriage as well as those parents having kids try to. It just won't work.

Past that finding a unicorn has its own challenges. You might want to search for the term. Its a pretty general starting point but one that usually brings a lot of challenges. There are only so many willing single women for couples ...

And btw, not to be a debby downer, but bi-curious women aren't always, in fact most times not, bi-sexual. They are curious. Keep that in mind during your hunt. You might be shocked to find her suddenly uninterested. And as a flip to that, she may not want to share. And have a gf to herself.

Lots of variables, lots of things to consider, but all of it needs the two of you to be good, before you start including others in your life.
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