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Spent the weekend with a buddy of mine from Bellingham. He was up for the <cough> 4th <cough> going away party for a close friend of mine. Why is this poly. 2 reasons

1 - he is sort of open. Early stages of opening up for his gf to have gf's. He doesn't want a triad and hasn't been interested in a girl until now. He is having conflicting feelings because he is crushing heavily on this female friend of mine. While nothing will come of it (she is moving very far away) I think between this, and what Pengrah and I have gone through opening up his eyes are slowly opening. Currently not poly, its all about the sex at this point.

2 - having him here was awesome. Having someone who knows how open we are and even the history. I was able to gush openly about SJ to him. Felt great to be able to truly express my feeling to a friend. While I am out about my openness, I don't really walk around talking about it. Having someone to sit down and just chat about relationships, whats going on and what I am planning in life was very relaxing.

While this was a very vanilla weekend, it was also a very poly weekend. A fantastic date night Friday with SJ and then into a weekend of great discussion and friends. I am feeling very poly-satisfied.


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