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Thank you all so, so much (this is Lily again).

If we were to go that route, I think you are all right, meeting her would help greatly. I would very much like to, and the last time we tried this, I did too, but she felt uncomfortable with it for most of the while, and I didn't want to push it. However, after much, much discussion, we came to the conclusion that we thought that route may not be the best here, even if we did get to know each other.
First of all, Dahlia does not feel she could ever be happy in a poly relationship. Though I'm not sure that I can be either, I very much hope that I can and will continue trying. Secondly, she is hours away at college, which would make it very difficult for her to get together with Arpeggi, let alone spend time with me to get to know each other. We eventually decided that he will call her up every so often to find out how she's doing, let her know he loves her, etc., but not quite start up the relationship that was there before. We dearly hope that this contact will ease his pain, and that with time, your help, and some self-discovery on my part, we can mend the differences between our ideals. If this doesn't work, we'll have to find a different path. One can only hope that it doesn't diverge in two, but with effort, communication, and your help, hopefully we'll know what is best for us, whatever it may be.
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