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Originally Posted by Penny View Post
Pardon the sarcasm there, but why are you staying? For the financial security? I know it's scary out there, but who you are is something worth fighting for. Who you are in your heart of hearts is all that you really have in the end.
This forum has helped me realize that I cannot remain with this man and ever be fully satisfied. He'll never be satisfied because he'll always be worried. His non-sex does not match my all-sex needs. (I feel like I'm the dude in the relationship!) Now I understand why men cheat on women who withhold. This is torture!

I couldn't leave this weekend because I'm not prepared. I need to save more, prepare my family that trouble is brewing (lessening the blow now will make criticism on me disappear later), and I have a stressful job which would add to my anxiety right before the holidays.

Ya, I agree my staying with him right now is shit. I should leave. I should drive over to the other man's home and profess my interests in him. But I wont. Instead I'll keep my thoughts to myself, read from the book section, and talk with the wonderful people on this forum. My biggest challenge will be to remain monogomous in the meantime. But it's killing me inside!
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