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I'm beginning to remember now why I disliked dating so much...The past couple of weeks we have only spoken to Haylee in person at the bar. I haven't asked for any personal contact information. But I realized that I have her number in my phone for other reasons. So this morning I shot her a quick text and said we had a great time with her last night. Then a couple hours later, her and I had to go to a meeting at work. I only got a couple of hours of sleep and was super tired at the meeting. She walked up and asked what I was doing, I told her I was hiding, and she inquired about the papers in front of me, 'Calculus homework' I said. She looked a little intimidated and walked away. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek after the meeting was over, as well as my other gf who was talking to her and then I just left. I wasn't in the mood for any kinda socializing. And I don't want to broadcast to the world that her and I are getting close. Then I sent another quick text asking her a random question. I haven't received a reply to either.

Of course, I'm bugged? Am I supposed to wait three days to call and talk? Up until now I haven't put any effort into developing a relationship, and the first contact I make is ignored. It could be as simple as she is working or too tired. But starting a new relationship is confusing to me? puh.

****edit****update: As soon as I post this, she responded to my question, a half a day later? Ha ha.
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