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Thanks for the replies! I am thinking of starting a thread in the life stories/blog section. I have read through some of the threads there and find the personal accounts so compelling.

My husband had the night off work on my usual night at our place with my lover, so we invited my lover to spend the night with us both. He accepted, and I spent the night sandwiched between the two of them. It was cozy and warm, and the lovemaking was divine. Then we spent the morning lounging about over breakfast, then talking, laughing, making love and taking naps until four in the afternoon... which was much later than we'd planned, but we lost track of time.

I will probably have to repeat much of this when I start the blog thread, but I am too sleepy to start one today. The hubby had to go to work early, so my daughter and I are camping out in the living room tonight on the air mattress watching movies on the projector screen.

Life... still beautiful!

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