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Well, I did it!
Had the talk with my mom yesterday. It came out suprisingly easily, once the conversation started. And no, she was not surprised. She mentioned that several of my friends have been pondering what was going on. (We had suspected this, but have had few people actully talk to us about it). The lack of shock was a good thing. The only real negative response was worry. Worry for me and the husband, for my feelings, my future. I think it's normal for a parent to feel like, when being told the situation, that maybe I am being manipulated in some way. Or being niave. I told her that the only way I can think to prove otherwise is to keep on living it and she will eventually understand.

She told me that there's nothing I could ever tell her about me that would make her angry or not want to be around me. It felt great. I hated hiding something from her, especially something I consider to be a really good thing. We did speak again briefly this morning and has some more questions. She wants to say some things, and I am sure I won't like to hear all of them. But I think the important thing is that I have her in my life no matter what. I hope that time will take her worry away and make her feel comfortable. I don't want to burden my parents or friends with something they do not understand, but then again, it's my one life to live the way I choose.

Despite the semi-awkwardness of it, I feel a LOT better. I am almost strong enough to make it my facebook status. Somehow, telling someone the truth makes it seem more real and definitely less ...shady. It's a good feeling. I hope if anyone is thinking of doing it too, this can be some encouragement!
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