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Well I'm happy to report that we definitely have a unicorn in the cross hairs. Haylee is almost more excited about us than we are about her. In conversations between her and I, as well as Julio and her, she has clearly outlined what she wants and needs out of a relationship and it lines up with everything Julio and I had discussed before talking to her.

I'm just pleasantly surprised! Her long term hopes and dreams are exactly the same crazy ones Julio and I have. Everything is set up to work out like a real life fantasy. Now if we can only settle into our places and not mess this up!

We got together last night for drinks, and she played us like little school kids and she was our first crush. It was incredible. She immediately struck up a deep emotional conversation with me about her day and then asked politely if she has my permission to kiss Julio before the night is over. I absolutely agreed. The way the night worked out, I didn't get to spend more then a few minutes with her and Julio the whole night. And they hit it off, dancing around the bar together (even though there is no dance floor) and even completely disappearing together at times. And it never mattered that I wasn't a part of what they were doing. I just enjoyed watching. Then towards the end of the night she pulled me aside privately and started kissing me. The only way the night could have gone better is if she hadn't left us to go home. (she had to get home to her son, we all agreed that making time for each other is going to be the biggest challenge right now)

Julio and I had a great time when we got home, telling each other about the night and the dreaming about the future.
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