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As I mentioned before I am extremely emotional. I tend to have initial, overpowering, very dramatic emotional responses to situations. I've found it best to ride them out and then get to the decision making. Once the dust settled (and my sinus headache went away), I did some more thinking. Came up with a better solution and talked to O and we have the green light (for my solution). O is going to start grad school in January and will be extremely busy giving us a natural point where I'll be able to get some space so i can move on and we can still have a friendship in the future. Since we have the holidays coming up and both O and my birthdays, we've decided to enjoy the time we have and then let grad school do the separating. I prefer gradual transitions to abrupt endings. I know it will still hurt for our relationship to change and to let go of the possible future I wanted but I think this is a much better way to go about it. Both of us want to remain in each other's lives and to me, this resolution says less of "let's break up and get out of my life" and more just we're moving on to other things and we still care. Again, I really appreciate everyones' thoughts, advice, and hugs. Thanks for helping me to not get to down on myself and for listening. I'm glad you guys are here!
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