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Question Need Some Advice in California

Hello, Just need some advice.
I have been poly all my life and have been in several poly relationships before.
i went through a crash and burn phase and ended up getting with a really good mono partner. Problem: for five years i have been mono with him, but unhappy. i talk to him about being poly and how not being poly affects me. he wants me to be only Mono and sees the poly side of me as like a sickness or lack of love for him. he doesn't want to read any books or seek council on this. i do love him in my own way, but i have been making a sacrifice to my own personal happiness. I do not think i can make him feel secure enough. we have been fighting about this for about three months. i would mention it once or twice a year but get only negative results which force me to conceal my poly further. now i cannot stand it any more and i keep pushing to get my needs met. am i wrong? should i break it off? i do not know what to do, just feel heart sick...
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