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I have been thinking about control lately and your thread has touched a big nerve for me Erin. What your man is doing is attempting to control you by making you feel worthless and unlovable. Please get out, if not physically, then mentally.

It is simply wrong, in my opinion, to allow anyone to control our right for freedom, expression and to be exactly who we are. Your marriage is not a dictatorial state. It is a shared experience that is meant to be about love, respect, acceptance and common appreciation for who each other is. This is not 1950 when women were shackled to their homes and rolls as a house wife and mother and all the cultural rules that went along with that.

I suggest you have a good long talk with him and give him a reality check pretty soon. He deserves this at least as he is a product of his up bringing... In that reality check, I do hope that you encourage him to learn and grow beyond his mind set as he is operating from old programming and will end up lonely and abandoned, as not many women will stay with an asshole like him and he will wonder why and be angry... we don't need people like him taking that out on the world and women in particular.

I believe it's our job as women to knock some sense into some men... at least attempt it before we move on.
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