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Originally Posted by MyotherB View Post
** I still fear her reaction to this feeling I have. I don't want to push her away.
My husband does this to me. He waits to find the "safe" words to use, or suffers silently (or so he thinks) because he is afraid of my reaction. The truth is he doesn't suffer silently, it comes out in other ways that he doesn't recognize. I therefore know there is a problem, but have no idea what it is, so of course my mind goes to all sorts of worse case senarios that have nothing to do with what is really bothering him.

Talk to her and keep talking to her. Don't mistake a bad initial reaction as the need to stop talking about the problem. Some of us react, then think.

** I also told her I need her to be more available to me. Feeling that she simply isn't interested in me is tearing me up, and I told her so. I believed her when she said she was sorry, mostly because she was hesitant to make s promise she couldnt keep, so she was being genuine..
Good for you.

I would recommend the book "The 5 Love Languages" (I got the audio download ). It made a huge and immeidate difference for us.
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