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Originally by MyotherB in A poor man's therapy:
** I also told her I need her to be more available to me. Feeling that she simply isn't interested in me is tearing me up, and I told her so. I believed her when she said she was sorry, mostly because she was hesitant to make s promise she couldnt keep, so she was being genuine..
For some reason this quote hits home with me today. Breathes is nearly always physically available to me (except sexually which is hit & miss) but emotionally & mentally he's eons away! We used to be able to have talks which did NOT include puns, smart assed remarks or just simply shutting down! These are all defense mechanisms on his part but they are driving me totally batty! There is so much I need to talk about but I'm hesitant to talk to him because I know the odds are against me that I'll get a real conversation . Every once in a great while I'll get a full conversation, more than a few words, that don't include any of the above *sigh*.

Hmmmmmmmm, he just invited me to come & attack him! *grinz* maybe back later.
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