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Originally Posted by FitChick View Post
All this is taking its toll on me,I am a very caring,emotional person but this has forced me to take a step back,because it is exhausting my nervous system. Some days it is a rollercoaster.

How do I get 'me' back again??
Hey Fitchick,

I feel for you - seriously. And it seems from your writing that you do know the answer.

We can't "fix" the world - much as we might desire. That's a huge awakening for a caring person. So your 'stepping back' seems a wise choice - in reality about the only one.
Going forward in that mode only leads to enabling. Which of course only makes things worth.

Seems all we can do is verbalize this concept - that although we support people in their quest, it is THEIR quest. They have to jump in and do the swimming themself.
When they actually get to the point the seek advice and FOLLOW IT, you have some indication they are serious.
Until then, it's all games..........................

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