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Default Do matchmakers exist in the world of Polyamory?

I am on the site hoping to learn a bit about the world of polyamory. I'm a married man in a monogamous relationship with a wonderful woman.
Reading the various threads that others have posted on this site, it is clear that there is a real sense of connectedness and mutual understanding between those who live the polyamorous lifestyle. There is an undercurrent of respect that permeates the site that is just really cool.

I can only imagine that the joys, as well as challenges, that are a part of being in a polyamorous union must be multiplied compared to that of a monogamous relationship. Yet, the ingredients to make a successful union I would guess are pretty much the same. Partners who are open, honest, loving, share chemistry and treat each other with respect and kindness.

I work in TV, on the documentary side. My passion is for storytelling and I'm blessed to do it for a living. As a documentary producer, I get the opportunity to explore many interesting worlds and tell the stories of the people that inhabit them.

I am developing a project about the world of polyamory as told through the eyes of an expert/matchmaker that specializes in Polyamorous relationships, and of course, are polyamorous themselves.

I am specifically looking for a central figure for the series, a real world matchmaker, who understands the challenges and the triumphs of helping unions grow larger, as well as stronger. Someone who helps polyamorous unions find their perfect partners.

In your experience, does anyone exist in the real world that provides this kind of service? I would love any insights you all have on this topic. Thank you all for reading my post!
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