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I am feeling much better than I was when my husband first told me he wanted to swing! I now feel like he is truthful when he tells me he really will keep me posted on all relationship prospects and developments. He told me today that he had a lunch time meeting with an older woman in her 50's and that he doesn't know if it will go anywhere, but he would like to explore the relationship further. Just knowing he really will talk about what is going on with him for real makes me feel better! I know how much he loves me because he has stayed by me (though not exactly without conflict) coming out of the birth of our son, my most recent illness episode, and my need to resolve wanting time to really be a mom, but still keep some toehold in the work world. I am down to three meds and hope soon it will be down to no more than two for the bipolar disorder. I am realizing more and more that my real fear in our relationship, was not of sharing him, but rather of being totally sidelined and irrelevant to him! I am also enjoying watching his bond with our baby boy grow. When my husband comes home, my boy demands to be held by him, by crying until my husband is the one to hold him, then he instantly stops and smiles. There are definitely friends I have known/know where I wouldn't be distressed if something romantic happened between me and that friend, but neither do I feel an overwhelming need for that to occur, so I am fairly happy in mono-ness for now (I am pretty sure the persons in question are too conventional to approach about poly in that regard).
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