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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

Another note; don't buy into the "if I lose weight he will love me" bullshit. Women are fed such crocks of shit. My partners love me regardless and I stay healthy for me.

Two words come to mind after reading your posts (not redpepper's, the OP's):


Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post

The weight comment is also a really low blow. Going from a size 10 to a 12 is what? A 10 lb weight gain? For goodness' sakes. What a douchenozzle.
I was a size 12 when I met my husband and I'm a 16-18 now. My husband is still attracted to me and I don't FEEL fat, either. Yes I would like it if 50 pounds just went away, but I don't worry about my body-image.

If he thinks you're fat now, what will he think if you "try for a child" and gain a lot of weight from that?

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