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Erin, your story resonates with me right down to the ground. I am older than you, 55, and now divorcing a man who is so similar to yours! A straight vanilla white man.

He knew I was bi from the start but didn't accept it for 20 years! He used to say stupid things like, "What are you? A fucking lesbian?" Um, no, how could I be a lesbian when I was so obviously also attracted to men? Finally he did accept my bi nature. We also opened our marriage at that time, and tried things with a unicorn. But that didnt work out, as she was actually only attracted to him and was more of what I now know as a "cowgirl," interested in taking him away from me.

We attempted poly for those 10 years, in theory more than in practice. We had 3 young children and I really had no interest in seeing others, as I was too busy raising and homeschooling our kids. Our sex life amazingly improved as our love grew less, which was weird.

Finally for that and other reasons, we split. I am so much happier now, even tho my financial situation is less comfortable. I'm in a wonderful relationship with a beautiful woman and she and I are both bi and see others, mostly men. I hope you can spare yourself the pain and get out now. I take it you don't have children? That makes things much less complicated.

The weight comment is also a really low blow. Going from a size 10 to a 12 is what? A 10 lb weight gain? For goodness' sakes. What a douchenozzle.
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