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Well that's ashame. How's this for three nights work; he's done cause he's an ass hole that doesn't love and appreciate you.

Seriously, I had a boyfriend who I was monogamous with for 3 years and he told me if I ever got as fat as a friend of ours he would leave me. It took a year, but in that year that thought widdled away at me and I cheated on him, stopped having sex with him and ended up having absolutely no respect for him at all. I hurt him pretty bad, and by the end he was begging me to stay. I ended up playing around with our roommate, and he threw all my stuff out on the lawn when I was away. People stole a whole bunch of my paintings.

If I had gone with my gut much earlier and realized that I was done. Things would of not looked like it was me who was the ass hole. I wanted compassion, understanding, undying love and acceptance, someone who would stand by me when I am at my lowest. Someone who would love me up no matter what I turn out to look like.

He's not worth it. Really he isn't. We all grow old and get fat. If he is going to judge you now? Then you will both be miserable.

Another note; don't buy into the "if I lose weight he will love me" bullshit. Women are fed such crocks of shit. My partners love me regardless and I stay healthy for me.
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