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I'm not into the whole being tied up and made to watch thing, but I DO like to stay in the closet while my wife is having sex with her boyfriend. I don't know WHY, but it makes me insanly hot. The last time my wife and her BF were together, I was there...we had a good 3-sum going on.....I finished, and got up and asked if anyone wanted anything form Subway. They placed their orders, and off I went. I told them I would ba about 45 minutes to an hour. My wife missed that one, because she got confused as Subway was only like a block or so away. LOL Anyway, I DID get some subway sandwitches, but mainly I sat in the car waiting......Then, about an hour later, I went back to her BF's place...I walked in right after they finished what looked to be the hottest sex she had had in years! LOL I almost came right there.

I think that for me, it's the fact that she's so turned on that gets me hot. I LOVE the feel of a dripping wet pussy. I LOVE having sex with her right after she fucks her BF. Her BF is slightly larger than me, and therefore, she is always a little looser afterwards with him. She used to complain that when we had sex, after her having sex with her BF, that she had a hard time feeling me due to all the moisture and her being so much looser. She said she felt less of a connection with me for our sex. I told her to look at my face while we were having sex, and see my pleasure. She did that a few times, and admitted that I was in extasy, and that did help to eliviate any issues she had.

So....To ME....If you can see the pleasure in your new lovers face, and you honestly want to PLEASE him, it will help. Eventually, you will possibly come to love it as well. Mainly because of the pleasure it gives HIM, but also because of the pleasure you GET from it.

I love watching my wife recieve absolute pleasure......And a different guy just does it for her sometimes. Not that she and I DON't have good sex....Just that she likes different sometimes....Just like I do. Hope this helps.
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