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Unhappy He knows

Okay, so we talked for the last two nights about what I want. He won't have it. He thought I cheated on him already, so he retorted that I've gained too much weight. This was like a blow to my heart because my dad's side is overweight. In the last 10 years with my husband, I've gone from a size 10 to a size 12, but I've also gained a BA and MA in Education. What a jerk!! He didn't regret what he said until the 3rd hr of talking last night. This sets me back months because now I won't feel comfortable showing him my body until I'm "in shape" again. Here I thought I was going to get MORE sex, but now the sex is dead until I improve. What a crock of ...

He absolutely hates the idea of me being bisexual. I told him after 3 months of dating and he almost broke up with me. I tucked away my feelings so I could be with him. But now I feel they can't be hidden anymore. What I really want more is to date other men. He also refuses to discuss the idea of exploring polyamorist options for either of us. So, here's the outcome of last night's 3 hr discussion.

1) I need to lose weight
2) He will take a better interest in my sexual needs
3) If both improve, then we will try for a child next fall
4) If 1 or 2 don't improve, then we'll divorce and I'll move to Florida as planned.

So, now I will be:
1) Exercising to please my husband
2) Not be allowed to explore my sexuality with others

I feel as if I've gone mad accepting these terms.
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