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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I have a many people who identify as poly on here also identify as vegetarians, social activists and anti capitalists?
I'm not a vegitarian, but I do lean that direction and do sympathize with vegitarians -- and abhor the maltreatment of animals in "factory farming".

I am a social / political activist. --mainly in environment / ecology / sustainability.

I'm not "anti-capitalist," I'm anti-fascist and pro-democracy. When capitalism undermines democracy -- and it generally does -- it needs to be put in check by democracy. Rather than the other way around, vice versa. It's silly to be "anti-capitalist". One should instead proffer alternatives, be pro-alternatives to capitalism, if you find capitalism destructive (which I do). Much of my life has been devoted to finding viable and desirable alternatives to the capitalist industrial system.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I'm curious because my old social group of monogamous friends were neither of the above. I'm wondering if there is a trend or social stream that polyamory flows more freely through.
When we realize that polyamorists are rather bravely stepping rather far out of a core or central cultural expectation (monogamism, monogamy), and that doing so typically requires a lot of introspection and facility with changing one's own acquired internal furnishings, it shouldn't be surprising that polyamorists, on average, are people with a certain set of inter- and intra-personal skills and insights that lend themselves to social / political activism. Generally, I'd say, polyamorists are unlikely to be the sort of people who accept beliefs and notions uncritically, simply because of tradition or due to their upbringing, etc. We will tend to be innovative in our thinking as much as in our behavior.
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