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Yes, caring for the future is important. But it is just important to remind ourselves, frequently, that we neither do nor can live in the future -- for as soon as the future arrives it is is the present: now. The future is always arriving as the next moment, and yet the only moment we really have is now. And now again.

What we think and do in the present puts a spin on how things unfold into the future nows. We can catch ourselves in the act of putting that spin in things when we notice the pattern or habits of thought we're enacting. If we're having a lot of "What if he leaves (abandons) me?" thoughts, and we look into that, we may notice that, for example, we had the same tendency last time we were involved in a loverly relationship. If we look even more we may remember some sort of abandonment we experienced as children. If we continue to look, we may realize that our whole posture to things in life is about trying to keep ourselves from being abandoned, and that our unaddressed abandonment trauma keeps us from enjoying our relationships in the present. So isn't it interesting that by paying even closer attention to the present we can begin to liberate ourselves from the habits of our past -- and thereby cultivate a happier future mainly by attending to now?
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