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My husband is totally into this. My BF was not. However, it was enough for my husband to be with me directly after being with my BF.

My husband, has fantasies of hiding in the closet and watching. Being bound and made to watch. Of course he is totally into catching me with a female, however I am not bi. He is also into catching or watching with a male.

Only one time did I mind this situation, and it was after a really intimate deep time with my BF. I felt his exictment over "knowing", I had been with my other lessened the deep intimacy with my BF. I felt like surrounded with this loving huge deeper connect like this blanket I wanted to savor. My husband turned it into fast deep passion, and it didn't bode well for me. I did resent the cuckholding on that one instance.

I have no clue if it helps, just my experience.

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