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19 Nov 620AM

Finally spoke with W this morning. Is it strange that most of what she wants to talk about is P, and I still feel a little better anyway? I'm actually in a good mood. Maybe I really am bi-polar????
** Still can't decided what to tell about my phantom chick mail episode, and this feeling like I am on the prowl for some affection. I should probably let her know, but things are already so.... Rough.
** *Say what you need to say? I'm not sure.

Addendum to the above, I am envious of P being able to take W and show her what he does. It may sound like a small thing, but it has always really bothered me that she will never*
Truly know what I do. It is some thing I think is important to be able to share. We work so much of our lives, you know?
**Maybe in time, I will learn to be happy for her when my metamours share or give her something I can't. That is probably the real key to all this. The truth is, it makes me sad that someone else gives her something I can't.
The more you judge, the less you love

The only common thread in all my failed relationships, is ME.
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