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I have no idea.

We used to split up for turkey day. Karma would stay here with his dad and I would go to West virginia to my Great Aunts with my family. But she passed away 2 yrs ago. Last year was spent with Panda. But she's not in state now so.... it's all up in the air.

We may be going to Crickets then to Karma's dads.

Or we may just do what we did when we first started dating. Unplug the phone, lock the door and eat fast food while watching movies and being alone.

I miss the cooking and the big to do but I'll get that at Christmas so for now I have no idea.

I know I wanna watch the parade and a few other specials that'll be on TV and be with my man, other than that...ehhh. It's one of those holidays that has lost its magic.
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