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Question potential mate into cuckold

hi. i may be soon having a new lover. he is into cuckold. i hadn't heard the term before until now. i'm surprised bcz i'm over 40!

i hv engaged in this with my first husband, bringing a man home that i had a good rapport with. we didn't discuss why he "allowed" it. basically, i wanted to try out new cock. i haven't even really thought about this part of my past bcz it was about 8 years ago.

does anyone have any advice or experience with this?

also, the person that is interested in this, i find myself very attracted to. and, i'm not attracted to many men in a sexual way. but this guy, well, i see his pic & it takes my breath away.

i've been in a poly relationsip w/ my friends husband for 6 months, and this really turns on my potential new guy. he also, has encouraged me to persue a relationship with a man that is 12 years younger than me. he likes it if the guy is young & studly & dominant. all of this is a turn on for me. i feel like, wow, this is very cool & he tells me all of these beautiful things about how rare & beautiful i am. i haven't had sex with him yet, i told him i want to connect with him spiritually first (i'm atheist, but still) and emotionally too.

thanks for reading. glad i have here to discuss. mb i should check out a cuckold site....i dont' even know how to pronounce it properly.
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