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@ RP, I don't think J would like that either. She is a very private person (hasn't told anyone) and I don't really think it's my place to interfere.When I've tried in the past she has pulled away. She really hasn't come to terms with the whole polyamory deal herself. When she's here we do this strange little dance of denial where she is "just" a good friend to both of us, that Z has a cuddle with now and then. I know it sounds odd but I've tried confronting her about it and now I just accept that this is how she wants to play it. In many ways she is a mono making do with a poly relationship but hoping a proper mono relationship will come along. She is also very anti conflict and is afraid I think of conflict arising. I'm giving her the benefit of going at the pace of the slowest participant.

@Derby :-) you remind me of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.

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