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Originally Posted by sage View Post
It's the little things that upset me. Seemingly stupid little things like Z hasn't had a glass of wine here at home with me in so long I can't remember the last time. But with J here he all of a sudden wants to be included as if she makes it a special enough occasion, whereas I don't.

It's always the little things and it's hard to tell ahead of time what those are going to be. I got all territorial in my head over hubby's OSO sitting in my seat on the couch. It was stupid and petty.

I think you're in need of being made to feel special. It's so easy just to fall into the regular comfortable pattern with those whom we live with and it can be difficult to remember to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Having the OSO around just makes it all the more obvious. It might be good to have a talk with your husband and give him some ideas about things that make you feel good and loved and special. A few ideas are good because then it's not like you're telling him exactly what to do.
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