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"This is great advice if you're a person who feeds off of excitement and thrives on unpredictability. Not everyone wants that kind of existence. Personally, I prefer things to be boring and predictable because I do not bode well with "accepting conflict completely, forever"."

You have a very interesting name for someone who likes things boring and predictable, lol.

But, I don't think it comes down to excitement or boredom. Suffering is just a form of desire and its sort of counter intuitive but the true purpose of desire is to annihilate itself. Normally it tries to annihilate itself by getting you to engage in some action. For example when you're hungry you have a desire that tries to get you to eat. As you eat your desire to eat ceases to exist. And so the purpose of the desire is fulfilled. It motivates us to act and by acting it disappears... But there is another way for your desire to evaporate and that is if you completely accept your desire. As soon as you completely accept it, it instantly disappears. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself. That is if you feel the need to. But remember you can't do it with the motivation to stop desiring.

This method can be helpful if you are stuck in a knot and no actions will make the desire go away.

thats all.

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