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Originally Posted by NorCalK View Post
And to Danny, PT, and others who have posted- thank you so much!! If it's okay, Danny and PT, I might PM you on some later occasion for some more wisdom.
Please do!!

I agree that some sort of counseling would benefit all of you. However if he's not big on talking to you or his gf of 6 years, do you think he'll open up to a therapist? Maybe he's gotten comfortable in the fact that his gf won't ever leave him. (Not saying that's the case, but in his brain he may be thinking that)

Unfortunately we men can be very selfish and VERY stubborn. From what I've seen so far he seems to fit the bill on both. I like to think that ALL people are capable of change, but that's not always the case. I hope he realizes how GREAT he has it, and does what he needs to do to keep it going. I couldn't imagine my life without my girls in the picture. *shudder*

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