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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
You're def in a rough spot. I didn't mean to imply that he didn't care about or having feelings for you, but he's still number 1 in his world. I've NEVER even thought about asking to have my penis touched while in a 3some. I thought I was blessed simply by being IN a 3some. Ya know?

Relationships don't have expiration dates on them, but they can expire. Something to think about.

Unless he changes, I can't see where you're going to be happy with the sexual side of this relationship. His gf has put up with it for 6 years and in doing that she's spoiled him into thinking that's how all women are going to act. Some may be content, but my guess is that you'll get fed up sooner rather than later. That's not to imply that you're a quitter or going to give up easily. I'm just saying that if this is a problem now, it's only going to continue to grow, again, unless he does something about it.
Don't worry, I didn't think you were implying he didn't care about me . I had mentioned to him that I was under the assumption that most guys would not mind seeing two girls kissing and then invite him over for sex. He then claimed that most guy would only think that in the context of a spontaneous three-way, not in a relationship. My gf butted in saying that I was not wrong in my assumption, and she's pretty sure she knows guys sexually better than him, considering she's been in relationships with men and, as I pointed out, I highly doubt that he has frank discussions about sex and relationships with any of his guy friends. I'm definitely not ready to give up on this relationship, but working out our problems will take a long time. Not only have these problems developed over 4 months, but also the 6 years they were together before me. And there's definitely a limit on the stubbornness and bullshit I'll put up with, from both of them, for that matter. I just don't know where to start, almost, to solve our problems. I think we'd all benefit from reading some relevant books and/or relationship therapy.

And to Danny, PT, and others who have posted- thank you so much!! If it's okay, Danny and PT, I might PM you on some later occasion for some more wisdom.
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