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Default update on me

hey all!

I know it has been awhile, but alot has happened since the last time I was here (august). Wow, where do I even start!

Ok well a brief summary of us and then the update. I met my bf at a local gay bar after he got back from Iraq, that was in July. His wife came back in August and we all soon hit it off very well. The relationships between all of us was amazing. I had a bf and a gf and was very happy. Late September they go pick up the kids(all 4 of them) in Utah. Well right before they went to Utah, they were having problems. She fell in love with someone in Iraq and they wanted to be exclusive.

So a few weeks after the kids got back they announced that they were getting a divorce and I lost a gf. I have been struggling alot lately, because I feel she has changed a lot since the time we were all together. She isn't very kind to my bf and I hate the way she treats him and yells at him. She has been decent to me lately after my bf pointed out how much help I provide them with the kids and all. I really don't mind, I love kids and the kids are pretty awesome. They have adapted to me well, the twins (5 yr olds) don't really understand everything, but the two older boys do (11 and 9). My bf and I don't have to hide the relationship around them anymore, just when we are on post.

The divorce papers are to be drawn up on the 30th and signed. I just really miss what we all had. She was totally awesome and now I miss that person and that time. I know I need to move on with it all, but that was my first triad and one of the best gf I've had.
<3 Michelle
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