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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post
For years i used the label "adopted brother/sister" for those I had chosen to be that close with - without sexual contact, it was useful to describe the relationship to others around me though i would get occasionally raised eyebrows when conversation content (between myself and said adopted brothers/sisters) would become known... rather lewd and suggestive in some cases in which case the next conversation would be "okay so not brother or sister - but not lover either... family you know... which would just get confused looks and we'd go back to the "adopted" terminology :P

anyway the point being if you can define to yourself in a way you understand and is acceptable to you, you will have a much easier time of describing it to any potential lovers.
I think I see them as friends that are closer than friends. Even closer than a best friend. I really love them hugely and just wouldn't know how to ease it in slowly for someone who was strongly monogamous. I suppose you adapt to other peoples' views? But just saying they are friends. Although not lying, it would not feel right to make Mono feel like they were just like any other friend to me.
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