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Default Dealing with a new partner's disapproving friends/family

Backstory, I have been in a relationship with my primary for nearly seven years. I recently got into a new relationship with a great guy, who I'll call R. We've had a couple road bumps with him adjusting to poly, but so far so good. However, his friends think I'm the wicked witch of the west and that I'm either using him for sex, or that I'm just out to use him up and dump him and go back to my "real" boyfriend. Neither of which are true, and R knows this. He knows I love him and that I feel there is no cap on love, and he is very important to me.

But while I could ignore the naysayers because my relationship with R makes me very happy and does the same for him, it grates against my nerves when his friends either paster a smile on when I know what they are thinking, or badmouth me to R. I know that's not my deal, that's R's concern, but I don't know how to handle them. Any advice?
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