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Ok, after today...I've decided to close this part of my life.

Not the poly part....No...The S & D part.

Today, D came to the shop...again. I avoided as much as I possibly could. I deliberatly didn't look at her, and wouldn't talk to her. However, I was forced to see her eventually. It seemed as though S was deliberatly trying to place us in the shop together....GRRRRRR!!!!!! I made the mistake of actually LOOKING at D. She looked at me, smiled and winked. I turned around without any kind of expression, and walked out of the shop. I need a new job......

A little background on me: about 4 years ago, I placed my adoptive parents into a vault in my mind. I don't contact them or even really THINK about them. I figure that the phone rings both ways, and if they REALLY want to get in contact with me, my phone number is all over the internet.....It's not hard to find me.

I'm at that point with D now too. I have placed her in the vault....and as soon as I find another job, I'll place S there too.

I will not respond in this thread anymore after this post.

So...Good by D.............I loved you.
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