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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I wouldn't say I "get it" but I am not uncomfortable with my partner having close male friends like I would have been in the past. Many mono people are threatened by their partners having close friends of the opposite gender. I'm just not one of them anymore

If you are new to poly and just starting out though, I highly recommend you engage other poly people in a relationship first. Your life will be possibly much easier and certainly have greater freedom. Just a suggestion.
Just to make clear, I'm not actually looking for anything sexual as such. Just closer than just friends. But yes, I don't think many people would really understand the difference.

As for the highlighted quote, I actually don't know any poly people at all. I'm sure they are around here somewhere, I just think they are hiding. *checks under sofa*. I, myself, am new to the term too, so people don't even know I am poly.

My sister is bisexual and I feel I know and understand more about that than my own way of thinking. But I'm hoping to at least find people who do understand what it is and can accept it as who I am. An easier step than finding other polyamorists in this area.
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